“4-Legged Houdini” Escapes Onto Roof Twice In A Single Hour

Huskies actually are the magicians of the dog world. In the event that you don’t believe me, just take a look at this video of 3 blue-eyed getaway musicians breaking their way out of their infant-gated kitchen.

Maverick, an aptly named Husky Houdini from Pennsylvania, enjoys a little risk with his escape artistry. He broke out of an upstairs window and onto the roof – twice – in under an hour!
Kristin, the dog’s owner had gone out to run several errands. Maverick seemingly decided he could make use of a little fresh air, while she was gone. He nudged open a second story window, knocked out the screen, and sauntered onto the roofing!

Worried neighbors saw him contacted the fire department who easily coaxed the friendly pooch back inside and perched up there. But less than an hour after they were called back again!

It seemed hopeless but not surprising. It was sitting on the veranda roof, merely looking at us,”
Kristen disclosed to News 25 that this is not the first time although he’s never Maverick has pulled the window stunt – tried it in one hour! His previous owner warned her that he was “a magician” – and the whole neighborhood knows why, when she adopted him!

All the windows at Kristen’s home will remain locked from now on, keeping Maverick safely inside as well as the Fire Department free from dog-on-roof calls!